Kheesekakes by Kelli started with a prayer back in 2004;

“Please God give me something that I can do just a little bit better than anyone else.”

A simple prayer and the desire to give the very best of myself. It is my wish that you enjoy Kheesekakes by Kelli and with each bite, please know that the very best of me goes in it.

Kheesekakes by Kelli is a cheesecake with a twist! Our Kheesekakes are made one kake at a time, with natural ingredients, and are made to order. We promise that our Kheesekakes will be unlike any other you have ever had.


Cobb County Women of the Year 2005

Winner of Best Dessert — Taste of Marietta 2007

Winner of Best Dessert — Taste of Marietta 2006

Winner of Best Dessert — Taste of Smyrna 2005

Kheesekakes by Kelli Jingle

What Are YOU Waiting For?

It is not just a cheesecake; it is a Kheesekake by Kelli and once you taste it, you will know the difference.